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I Will Build My Church!

Do you need some encouragement? Jesus is still building his Church. God moves in a mysterious way and prayer is dangerous.

May 5, 2023

Idols in West Cobb

We were created to worship but sin causes us to worship creation instead of the Creator. How do we remove the idols and plant Christ in the center? Nick Steinichen join us to point us to the answer.

May 22, 2023

Dead. Dead. Dead. BUT GOD!

Why do ALL people need to be saved? How are we saved? When were we saved? What must we do to be saved? George Goddard join us to discuss these important questions. 

June 2, 2023

Abused? You Should Seek Justice & Forgiveness.

Have you been abused? God is just and He commands us to seek justice. But—watch out for your heart motive while seeking justice. 

June 6, 2023

Students and the gospel of Jesus Christ!

What are the major issues facing students today? Cris Jackson, Student Director at Church of the Apostles, joins us to discuss students and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

June 8, 2023

Rev. Al Baker & Vanguard Presbyterian Church 

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ and how did it change the life of Al Baker? 

November 12, 2023

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